Since 1986 Shin Heung is growing as one of the leading bookbinding machine manufacturer. We are specializing in bookbinding system, all kinds ofring binding
and automatic binding machine for binding machine industry. Now as Global recognized supplier, Shin Heungexports to U.S.A, Mexico, France, Brazil, South Africa, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam etc. Also we are very good bookbinder with our own
technology of bookbinding. We are experienced in all kinds of ring-binding.
We provide you with the high quality products with competitive price and on time
delivery at your request of various books with our machines. Shin-Heung manages
all its production processes related to monthly publications, calendars, catalogs,
and so on with an advanced resource management system and constant quality
improvement Shin-Heung has a goal to establish the quality management system
through continuous development of the management skill and introduction of
up-to-date equipment in order to produce high quality products based on the
stabilized production structure.
  Product Information
SHPS-400. * Model : SHPS-400
SHPT-540L * Model : SHPT-540L
SHPF-600P * Model : SHPF-600P
SHPT-2500 * Model : SHPT-2500
SHPT-3500 * Model : SHPT-3500
Double loops job (Twin-ring) * Model : Double loops job (Twin-ring)
Sprial wire job * Model : Sprial wire job
Plastic coil job * Model : Plastic coil job
SHPT-2500 * Model : SHPT-2500
SHPS-400 * Model : SHPS-400
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