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Automatic Punching Machine

SHP-520E - Automatici Punching Machine

  Automatic Punching Machine
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  Automatic Punching Machine
  * Specification might change to improve the machine without prior notice.
  1. Usage : Making holes in the paper for bookbinding (Circular, Oval, Rectangular, etc). Size can change.
  2. Formation : 1)Punching Machine: 1 EA      2)Bookbinding receiver:1 EA
  3. Specification
  1) Main Specs
  ¤ıPaper Size
: Min 130(Processing part) X 90mm
    Max 450(Processing part) X 500mm
¤ıProcessing Ability

: Speed : Max. 130pcs/min

    Thickness : Max 3mm
¤ıPunching Die : Includes 2 sets (included in the price of the machine)
    (Option: circular, oval, rectangular, etc)
¤ıPower : A.C 220V 60Hz 3-phase
¤ıMachine Color : White
  2) Part Specs
  2-1) Punching Machine
¤ıSize : 1800L X 1100L X 1550H mm
¤ıWeight : 1,300 Kg
¤ıMaterials for the frame and general parts : S.S
¤ıCam Material : S45C
¤ıDrive Type : Chain drive using A.C Motor
    Speed control using the inverter
¤ıBinding paper transfer method : Belt
¤ıBinding paper automatic supply board : Increases using the chain
¤ıSupply of binding papers : Controlled using the double clutch bearing
¤ıPunching Type : Press type using the cam
  ¤ıMain Motor
: 1.5Kw (2HP)
¤ıBinding paper supply motor : 6.0W
  ¤ıControl Electric Box
  - Controls front/back of the binding papers
  - Emergency Stop / Inner Light ON/OFF
  - Speed Control / Binding paper load control
  - Power ON/OFF / Air Supply
  - Automatic/Manual elevation in book binding supply board
  - Vibration bookbinding recever
  2-2) Bookbinding Receiver
¤ıSize : 600L X 500W X 700H mm
¤ıOperation Type : Vibration
¤ıHeight Adjustment : Handle
¤ıMotor : 0.4 Kw (1/2 HP)
  4. Utilities
1)Power : 220V 60Hz 3-form
2)Air Compressor : 2.2Kw (3HP)
  * Purchaser must have the air compressor ready before machine installation.
3)Tool Set
  Lower template vibrates left and right and picks up the paper so there aren¡¯t any damages to the papers.
  Intake feeder used for thick papers
  Suction feeder(Option) and pushing feeder(Option) can be attached for use in the operation.
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