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Semi-Automatic Twin-Ring Machine

SHT-380L - Semi-Automatic Twin Ring Machine

  Semi-Automatic Twin-Ring Machine
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  Semi-Automatic Twin-Ring Machine
  Twin ring is cut automatically depending on the size of the papers and is placed onto the operational location.
  The user needs to hook the punched papers to the twin ring so that the bind papers are processed

and discharged through the conveyor.

  Machine Specification
  ¤ıSize of the paper : Max 380 X 530 mm
    Min 80 X 100 m
¤ıProcessing Ability

: Max 1500pcs / hour(May differ depending on the skill of the user and arrangements.)

¤ıTwin Ring Size : Diameter 5/16 ~ 1 inch
¤ıPower : A.C 220V 0.3Kw 50-60Hz Single-phase
¤ıAir : 130 l/min ( 5kg / cm2 )
¤ıSize of the machine : 2100W X 980L X 1740H mm
  Machine Specification
  ¤ıPatented Machine No. 0402190
  ¤ıPatented Machine No. 0289371
  SHT-380L works for ring diameter 5/16 inches to 1 inch in 3:1 pitch or 2:1 pitch. The thickness of the papers,

   depending on the diameter of the ring, ranges from 7mm to 24mm.

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